Empower your Potential (TM)
Coaching Process

 As a professionally-trained and certified coach, I will establish and maintain an ongoing partnership with you.  This partnership will assist you to achieve sustainable and fulfilling results in your professional and personal life.  The coaching process empowers you to better understand your goals, desires, blocks and passions; to improve your performance; and to continually enhance your quality of life.  During a coaching program, you select the purpose of your sessions with the goal of your moving from where you are today to where you want to be tomorrow.  As your coach, I will help you make progress more quickly by providing observations, offering information, providing non-judgmental feedback and helping to keep you on-track. 

Coaching is a goal-oriented process and does not seek to understand your past.  The focus is on moving you from your present to your future.  Clients that can benefit from coaching include individuals, couples, families or corporations.  Some of the overall benefits of your working with a professionally-trained coach are a more balanced life, lower stress levels, ability to set and complete goals, and better personal and professional relationships.  As your coach, I will help you identify and then move past internal beliefs that are holding you back (“blocks”).

After you develop long and short term goals, I will help you put together a manageable plan of smaller, easier to do steps.  I will make suggestions and ask empowering questions to help you move forward; will give you support along the way; and provide encouragement and impartial, non-judgmental feedback on progress.

As in firework displays, there are good results in life and great results in life - the choice is yours!  Call Coach Bob to see how coaching can help you create and live the life and business you desire.


Complimentary Phone Conversation

If you’re curious about the value of coaching to your life or business, contact Bob to schedule a complimentary phone conversation.  We will discuss how coaching will help you move from “doing well to doing great”; in your life and business. 


Empower Your Potential (TM)

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